Signature Dishes

Liang-pi (Cold Noodles)

Liang-pi is a noodle like dish made from wheat, served cold with our signature chili oil sauce which made from more than 20 spices. It is rated top 3 must eat street food in China. 

Roujiamo (Chinese Hamburger)

Minced slow cooked pork in crispy handmade baked bun. This dish is modified from an "ancient recipe", the meat is juicy, tender and rich in flavor. One bite, you will not forget it!

Lamb Paomo

Our house-made pita bread boiled in lamb soup with sliced lamb meat, wood ear and dried lily flower. Served with special hot sauce and sweet & sour garlic.


Call us at 587-499-999  for pick-up orders. Delivery is not available at this moment. 

Warning: Food tastes best when fresh and hot. We do not recommend you take noodles to go. When hot noodles cool down, they get bloated, mushy and oily.  If you must take noodles to go, please try the noodles in restaurant or right out of the to-go containers, so you can get the best experience from Tang Bistro.

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